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Instrument Warranty Programs

These programs include insurance and shipping within the U.S. and Canada of a loaner instrument.

  • Standard Warranty— Provides basic coverage against defects in materials or manufacture of the instrument.
  • Extended Warranty— Provides continued protection against unanticipated expenses associated with instrument repairs.
  • Gold Service Warranty (PCS Pipette Calibration System only)— Provides extended warranty and instrument recertification and preventative maintenance.

Product Support Service Programs

  • Instrument (PCS and MVS Plate Reader) and MVS Calibrator Plate Recertifications – Provides documented factory recertification of the instrument and ongoing standardization of measurement results via annual factory recertification of the MVS Calibrator Plate, suitable for Quality Assurance purposes.
  • On-Site Preventive Maintenance— Provides periodic checks of system components for wear and tear, replacement of worn or outdated parts, and testing for accuracy and precision against factory specifications.
  • On-Site Installation, Validation, and Training— Provides installation, IQ/OQ documentation, and usage overview for instruments and software. Artel can also revalidate instruments that have been relocated or undergone maintenance or service. Learn More
  • PCS Software Maintenance Plan—Provides all software updates as they become available.

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