Volume Determination in 96 and 384 Well Microplates using Pressure Measurement

By Gigante, B., Schwedes, C., Dultz, S., Walling, L., Anger, J., Boehm, M. - STRATEC | Poster

Modern drug discovery and research labs are utilizing complex automation systems to assist in high throughput screening of novel drug candidates. One of the primary sources of error in this process can be attributed to faulty liquid handling of automated liquid handlers. This, in turn can wreak havoc on data management systems and downstream processes which may result in costly false positives or negatives. As an early warning system to reduce the risk of erroneous pipetting and to ensure sample volume quality, a pressure based volume measuring system for micro-plates has been developed. The Artel VMS™ is able to accurately and precisely detect 0 – 500 μL volumes in 96 or 384 well plates without directly contacting the liquid. The unique pressure based volume detection method allows the instrument to be unaffected by sample color, well shape, plate type, or sample material. This enables the device to overcome the weaknesses experienced by current volume detection methods (gravimetric, capacitance, optical, or infrared).

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