Ensure reliable results with Artel’s liquid handler calibration systems and services—day-to-day, lab-to-lab, and for every brand of handheld pipette or automated liquid handler.

Our user-friendly and portable systems make it easy to verify the accuracy and precision of dispensed volumes as frequently as your assays demand and under the conditions that your liquid handlers are used in—avoiding potential errors from calibration under different environmental conditions and ensuring consistency of results from instrument-to-instrument and site-to-site.

And with our performance verification services, our standards-writing team of metrologists can come to your lab and verify the performance of your automated liquid handlers, or work with your team to optimize liquid handling methods and protocols for your specific assays and setups.

With Artel, you can verify that 1 µl is 1 µl. When you need to. Where you need to.

Products and Services Overview

Artel Accredited Calibration Service— Artel is ready to help you meet your automated liquid handler calibration needs with the first and only ISO 17025 accredited service.

Artel Liquid Handling Service— Count on Artel’s world-class metrologists and scientists to help you meet regulatory requirements and optimize method or protocol development for all brands of automated liquid handlers.

Artel MVS®— Ensure data integrity; test liquid handler performance in your own lab with standardized measurements of accuracy and precision—for all multi-channel pipettes and automated liquid handling systems.

Artel PCS®— Manage your handheld pipette inventory and perform traceable calibrations at volumes as low as 0.1 µL in minutes—for all handheld, single-channel pipettes.

Pipette Quality Management Training & Certification— Mitigate pipette operator error and variability in your laboratory with this two-day seminar designed for pipette users and quality assurance managers.

Pipetting Proficiency Training & Certification— Standardize pipetting technique and institute liquid handling best practices in your lab for the highest levels of accuracy and precision.