Pittcon 2017

5 Mar - 9 Mar 2017

Resources from Pittcon

Artel Pipetting Challenge

Thank you for joining Artel at Pittcon and for participating in the Pipetting Challenge. We were impressed with your skill and enthusiasm, and hope you found the Pipetting Challenge enjoyable and worthwhile. Check out our Pipetting Challenge event listings to stay up to date with the Challenge and to see where you can find us next.

Be sure to view, tag and share the photos on the Pipetting Challenge Facebook page.

Pittcon 2017 Champions

Student Competition

Congratulations to Yana Skrypai (left) who took home an Amazon Echo Dot with the lowest student score of 0.07% CV!

yana skrypai

Overall Competition

Congratulations to Jean Chang (left) of Ohmx who took home an Amazon Tap with the lowest overall score of 0.07% CV!