Pipetting Proficiency Certification

At Your Request

artel-training-artel-certified-logoDesigned to meet the needs of all laboratory personnel who use pipettes, this one-day, hands-on training seminar is conducted at your facility.  Participants will learn pipette mechanics, as well as how to standardize proper technique, identify causes of pipette failure, and recognize ergonomic risk factors and sources of stress.

Participants are awarded a Gold, Silver, or Bronze pipetting medal and an official Artel Certificate of Proficiency after passing both the written and practical exams.

Topics include:

  • Pipettes in the Laboratory Overview
  • Mitigating Pipette Operator Variability
  • Pipette Ergonomics


Part I – Pipettes in the Laboratory Overview

  • Understand the mechanics of pipettes
  • Identify causes of pipette failure
  • Define guidelines on calibration frequency, number of data points, and tolerance limits
  • Assess the need for operator training with guidelines for training and testing

Part II – Mitigating Pipette Operator Variability

  • Perform “as-found” operator proficiency evaluation
  • Participate in hands-on standardized technique training session
  • Apply new skills in a post-training practical exam

Part III – Ergonomics

  • Recognize risk factors, sources of stress, common problems
  • Discuss laboratory and workstation design

Part IV – Written Test Covering the Day’s Topics

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