We Write the Book on Industry Quality Standards… And Then We Live It

The valuable experience and insight of Artel’s metrologists and scientists is recognized far beyond the doors of our company. With in-depth liquid handling quality assurance expertise, Artel’s team of metrologists and scientists are leaders and contributors in international organizations that develop standards for pipette calibration, volume and weight measurements, metrological traceability, and laboratory quality.

Writing guidance documents

Many of our team members are working behind the regulatory scenes, converting their in-the-field liquid handling expertise into international standards. Richard Curtis, PhD, Chairman and Director of Technology, was a key author of ISO 8655-7, which provides guidance on non-gravimetric methods of volume measurement. And George Rodrigues, PhD, Senior Scientific Manager, contributes to maintenance and revision of pipetting and volume measurement standards for ASTM International.

Actively participating in global standards organizations

In addition to writing standards, our team members lead and contribute to a number of committees at international standards organizations. George Rodrigues chairs the ISO and ASTM committees for pipettes, weighing devices, and other laboratory equipment, and actively contributes to metrology committees of NCSL International (the National Conference of Standards Laboratories).

Bjoern Carle, PhD, Product Manager, focuses his standards-development efforts on pipette calibration, measurements, traceability, and quality systems. He participates in committees of ISO and ASTM, as well as CLSI (Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute).

Translating quality standards into action

Because so many of our team members are active participants in standards organizations, we can quickly and easily implement our in-depth understanding of quality standards both internally and with our customers.

The in-house Artel team including Doreen Rumery, our Quality Control Manager, and Cary Ouellette, our Quality Assurance Manager, ensures operational regulatory compliance, and shares that expertise with our customers during on-site training sessions.  Together they manage key elements of the Artel Quality Management System and ensure compliance with FDA Quality System Regulations (QSR).

From writing and shaping liquid handling measurement standards, to implementing and sharing our expertise on standards and regulatory issues, measurement quality is what Artel is all about.

metrologist, n.  / mɛˈtrɒlədʒɪst/  An expert in or student of metrology, the science of measurement.1

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