Artel in the Community

Our passion for service goes beyond corporate boundaries and beyond the life science industry, and extends into the community around us – where we live and work.

As a company and as individuals, we volunteer in and support a number of service projects that we find personally meaningful. From disaster relief, to promoting health issues, encouraging animal welfare, and supporting local programs, we are committed to our community.

Providing Disaster Relief

Artel is fortunate to have caring employees who are willing to take part in providing not only their time, but also financial assistance when the unexpected  and unpreventable  strikes – destroying livelihoods, families and people’s future.  These volunteers not only help with rebuilding homes and schools, but also provide the much needed emotional support for those going through such difficult times.

Supporting Local Community Programs

We value the community around us – where we live and work – and it is not unusual to see our employees participating in many of the local charitable organizations, giving their time, talent and resources to better the lives of those less fortunate.

Promoting Health Issues

Healthy lives – minds and bodies – are challenging for many.  We work to bring the inequity into balance by supporting programs that can make a direct difference to those less fortunate than we.  Per employee, few firms are more generous in Red Cross blood drives; and the concern for others is also demonstrated in our participation in support and fund-raising programs for those afflicted with cancer and with other challenges to their health and happiness.

Encouraging Animal Welfare

Our pets and those animals that are not so fortunate to have caring homes are important to each and every one of us. Together we support the local animal refuge league, as well as other animal-friendly organizations to promote a humane approach to our partners on this planet, and to ensure that every pet has a loving and caring home.