Quality, Productivity and Compliance with a Global Standard

artel-ensuring-qualityAt Artel, we go to the ends of the earth—or at least from the lows of Death Valley, California to the highs of Mount Washington, New Hampshire—to ensure we understand how to help scientists get the most accuracy and precision out of their pipettes and automated liquid handling systems.

One way we fulfill this mission is by employing proprietary ratiometric photometry technology as the core of accurate, precise, and easy-to-use systems for verification and calibration of automated liquid handlers and pipettes. Designed for all laboratories that put a priority on the integrity of their results, the Artel MVS and Artel PCS have become the global standards for verifying the performance of automated liquid handlers and handheld pipettes. With these systems, assay results can be confidently compared from instrument-to-instrument, and site-to-site – worldwide.

But beyond providing fast and easy-to-use liquid handling verification and calibration systems, we offer value-added services to help customers ensure the quality, productivity and compliance of their laboratories.

Serving the laboratory community with exceptional products and services since 1982, Artel is the worldwide leader in liquid handling quality assurance.